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Mission Statement

We are Bronx Bright.
Our mission is to install street lighting that is  both practical and eye-catching, for teens and all community members to feel safe along routes we hang out or commute. 

Meet the Girls Build Team

We are part of WHEDCo Teen Program, located in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, New York. WHEDCo stands for the Women's Housing, Economic and Development Corporation. Teen Program helps low-income students with the resources they need to succeed in high school. As members of Teen Program, we engage in workshops, tutoring, S.A.T. prep, weekly trips and sporting events.

Kayce Capellan

Operations & Design

Every word has a meaning, and every word creates a conversation that only influences one's growth. As a person whose art is remarked by spiritual images, and colorful lyrics, I've learned that cultivation occurs through teaching the unknown. The goal is to Illuminate the boogie down every step of the way. 

Monserrat Ambrosio

photography & Media

Monserrat Ambrosio is a highschool senior and an active member at Teen Program. As someone who is directly impacted by a variety of social justice issues, she believes in the power of advocacy within her community. She understands that people before her have fought for the life that she lives and therefore finds it necessary to continue the fight for those who come after her. She enjoys taking photographs as a tool for storytelling. Advocacy welcomes conversation, change, and healing for communities. Hence, she will continue investing herself in the power of the people.

Vanessa DeJesus Bravo

Public relations & Design

Dejesus Bravo is a high school senior at the Bronx Academy of Letters. She has been involved in WHEDco’s Teen Program since her freshman year. When the opportunity of designing for this project was presented she jumped at the chance to share her bright vision as creative director behind logos for project Bronx Bright. With the issue of lack of light in the community she knew there was room for improvement. ”There is a crack in everything that's how the light gets in”-Leonard Cohen

Natalia Baez

Operations & Finance

Natalia is currently a high school student senior who has lived in the Bronx all her life, a neighborhood comprised of many cultural backgrounds which has molded her into the person she is today. In her free time, she participates in programs such as JAM (Just Ask Me) and Yes Loitering to help the community she lives in by making it a better place.

Rayanne Figueroa

Research & Outreach

Rayanne Figueroa is finishing her freshman year at High School for Environmental Studies. She values community and safety. Her favorite lighting color is pink.

Leah Ruediger

Project Coordinator

Educator and urban gardener who leverages collaborative learning to grow creative solutions. Lights up when working with communities on issues that matter to them.

Jasmine Ruiz

Web Design

In a world with darkness, someone has to shine some light. Light means joy, safety, and embrace. Everyone wants safety in their community. Who better to bring change to a community than its members? As a teen from The Bronx, I know what it's like to not feel safe walking around in a dark area. I want people to feel safe in their community. We are lighting the spark so others can contribute.

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