Spotlight on Mullaly Park

Dark corners and Bright Possibilities

"It's not safe because it's can't see

if anyone is coming."

-Ella, Teen Program

"There's not enough light, especially in a place that teens go to, such as a park."

-Heather, Teen Program

Girls Build, an initiative of the LA Promise fund, challenged our group to have an impact in our community through civic engagement.
We focus on lighting in public spaces at night, particularly where
teens hang out or along routes that we walk home, such as under the 167th Street and River Avenue 4 train station, and Mullaly Park.

We set out to document the current light levels through video, light measurements and interviews, to determine how we could help shed some light with our project.

Under the 167th Street 4 train stop

Mullaly Park

Installation Inspiration

Mullaly Park Central Fountain,

Before Bronx Bright Installation

Current Light Level:

<1 footcandle

The spot we chose for our installation is the central fountain area of Mullaly Park, located 1 block from the 167th street train station and 1 block from Yankee Stadium. We chose this spot because it has the potential to be a gathering place for community members, as well as a shortcut for commuters. Our installation will incorporate both the water theme of the dolphins, and the fiery warmth of a hearth, to spark a community conversation.

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